Hostal Las Americas (Sancti Spíritus City)

Casa v2

Comfortable and spacious house. The 2 rooms with air conditioning, fans, refrigerator, TV and private bathrooms with shower and hot water each. The house also features a garden, porch with 2 armchairs, dining room with telephone, rear terrace with tables, chairs and armchairs to relax, have breakfast and dinner if the customer wishes, patio planted with fruit trees. It is located 600 meters from downtown and 300 meters from the bus terminal. From Santic Spiritus can make excursions to bird hunting and fishing.


Hot Water, Air Conditioned, Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast, Laundry, Parking, English Spoken, Television, Terrace

  • Casa v2
  • Habitacion no.1 v2
  • Habitacion no.1 1 v2
  • Ba%c3%b1o habitacion no.1 v2
  • Ba%c3%b1o habitacion no.1 1 v2
  • Habitacion no.2 v2
  • Habitacion no.2 1 v2
  • Ba%c3%b1o habitacion no.2 v2
  • Comedor v2
  • Sala v2
  • Terraza v2
  • Patio v2
  • Garage v2

1 Room (3 People - Living Together with a Cuban Family)

  • Triple (2 Adults + 1 Minor)CUC$20 – CUC$30