Apartamento Amalia y Alexander (Old Havana)

Edificio g

This apartment is located on the 7th floor (with elevator) with a panoramic view of the bay of Havana, the Morro and the Malecón.Las rooms with air conditioning, fans, ocean view and private bathroom with shower and hot water. The apartment also has living room with TV, telephone, dining area and balcony overlooking the city. It is located on the Paseo del Prado, one of the most beautiful streets in Old Havana, 100 meters from Castle Point, 900 m and 800 m from the Capitol to the Cathedral.


Hot Water, Air Conditioned, Breakfast, Parking, English Spoken, Television, Terrace

  • Edificio g
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1 Room (2 People - Living Together with a Cuban Family)

  • Double (1 Bed)CUC$25 – CUC$35