Casa Colonial Maritza y Ramon (Old Havana)

Casa v2

Colonial house built in the year 1870, still has original roofs, floors, doors, windows and vitrales. The rooms have air conditioning, fans, refrigerator, own sink and one private bathroom with shower and hot water for each room just outside the rooms. The house also has a small hall, living room, dining room with telephone, TV set and colonial furniture. It is located 200m from Alameda de Paula, 400m from Iglesia de Paula, 120m from Convento de Santa Clara, 200m from the Plaza Vieja, 300m from the Iglesia La Merced and 200m from the Iglesia Espiritu Santo.


Hot Water, Air Conditioned, Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast, Laundry, Parking, English Spoken, Television, Terrace

  • Habitacion no.1 1 v2
  • Ba%c3%b1o v2
  • Habitacion no.2 v2
  • Habitacion no.2 1 v2
  • Ba%c3%b1o v2
  • Sala v2
  • Vitrales v2
  • Vitrales 1 v2
  • Comedor v2
  • Patio v2
  • Casa v2
  • Casa v2

2 Rooms (5 People - Living Together with a Cuban Family)

  • Triple (2 Adults + 1 Minor)CUC$25 – CUC$35
  • Double (1 Bed)CUC$25 – CUC$30