Casa Mercedes (Varadero)

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OPTIONS FOR CUBAN RESIDING IN OR OUT OF THE COUNTRY. LIVE NEXT TO HIS BROTHER AND SISTER WITH 2 BEDROOMS EACH, SO ARE 6 ROOMS TOGETHER. IDEAL FOR LARGE GROUPS. Furnished house located on ground floor. The air-conditioning, fan, TV and private bathrooms each with shower and hot water. The house also has a large kitchen, dining room with TV and telephone. Large patio decorated with ornamental plants, tables and chairs. It is located 100 m from the main street and 200 meters from the beach. "


Hot Water, Air Conditioned, Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast, Laundry, Parking, English Spoken, Television, Terrace

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1 Room (3 People - Independent)

  • Triple (2 Adults + 1 Minor)CUC$25 – CUC$35