Apartamento Maricel (Vedado)

Edificio g

Modern apartment located on the 3rd. floor. Air conditioning, fans, and bathrooms with shower and hot water. The apartment has a dining and living room with telephone. It is located in a central tourist area 300 meters from the Havana Malecon and the Hotel Melia Cohiba and Habana Riviera, 30 meters from the Paseo Avenue and 100 meters from the street line.


Hot Water, Air Conditioned, Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast, Laundry, Parking, English Spoken, Television

  • Edificio g
  • Habitacion no.1 g
  • Ba%c3%b1o hab.no.1 g
  • Habitacion no.2 g
  • Ba%c3%b1o intercalado hab.no.2 y hab.no.3 g
  • Habitacion no.3 g
  • Comedor g
  • Sala g

1 Room (2 People - Living Together with a Cuban Family)

  • Double (1 Bed)CUC$25 – CUC$30