Villa Yohan y Tamara (Viñales)

Casa g

Double rooms with air conditioning, fans, refrigerators and private bathrooms with shower and hot water. The house has living room with TV and telephone, dining portal. It is located 150 m from the town center and the terminal Viazul. From Viñales can make day trips to Cayo Levisa, Cayo Jutias, Soroa and Maria la Gorda.


Hot Water, Air Conditioned, Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast, Laundry, Parking, French Spoken, English Spoken, Television

  • Casa g
  • Habitacion no.1 g
  • Ba%c3%b1o g
  • Habitacion no.2 g
  • Ba%c3%b1o g
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  • Due%c3%b1os casa g

1 Room (3 People - Independent)

  • Triple (2 Adults + 1 Minor)CUC$20 – CUC$30