Apartamento Carmen (West Havana)

Apartamento g

Comfortable apartment located on the 1st floor. The air-conditioned room with air conditioning, fan and bathroom with shower and hot water. The apartment also has living room with TV and telephone, kitchen fully equipped with snowing. Terrace with ornamental plants, tables, chairs and couches for relaxing and sunbathing. It is located 200 meters from the Avenida 31, 400 m of the Restaurant and Night Club The Cistern "Dos Gardenias", 400 m from the Casa de la Musica in Miramar, 900 meters from the Cira García International Clinic and 500 m of 5th. Avenue. This option is recommended for long income, with price adjustment


Hot Water, Air Conditioned, Laundry, Parking, English Spoken, Television, Terrace

  • Apartamento g
  • Habiatacion g
  • Ba%c3%b1o g
  • Cocina comedor g
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1 Room (2 People - Independent)

  • Double (1 Bed)CUC$30 – CUC$35